African Fashion Focus Fotografie


Models: Mariesella Hanley and Miriam DA
Photographer: Erik Bos |
MUAH: Aliya
Designer (clothing): Kitchen for Fashion
Designer (jewelry): Africa Beauty
Location: Focus Fotografie own studio


A month or so ago I posted a casting call for some African looking models. I really wanted to do a African Fashion type of shoot.

You know what amazed me? There where a lot of dark skinned models and almost none of them had done a African fashion shoot. They all did European/American fashion shoots, or something that is African but not  a fashion type of shoot.

Of course I had a rough idea about what I wanted to do but, for me the team aspect is very important.  So I did what I always do, make a group chat. I posted a color scheme and asked the models if they had a matching wardrobe.  Turns out one of the models had already done some runway-work for a designer and after some calling we had two designers. One for the clothing and one for the jewelry. So with the colors of the wardrobe set I could choose my backdrop and the MUAH could just look at the color scheme clothes and models to make her work fit right in.

We did some beauty shots for the jewelry and make-up and some fashion shots for the dresses and when we were finished we run around the building like idiots to collect all plants. Big ones, small ones it doesn’t matter to us. My thought was Africa, let’s make a kind of a jungle with them.

In the studio I have an old chair so we put that in the middle, positioned the plants around them and used a smoke generator (but forgot to tell the building security).
It was a super fun day shooting with good African Music to support the vibe. You know what pump up your sound to the max and open this song (Spotify)
Hope you feel the same vibes we did.

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