Ballerina Iris by Andries Kooijman

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Model: Iris Koelewijn
Photographer: Andries Kooijman
Assistance: Margot Koelewijn
Location: Hotel Heerlickheijd Ermelo

Let me share some background information about the photoshoot I did with the talented ballerina Iris. We met each other at a Facebook group for dancers. Iris told me she was really inspired by another photographer who photographed dancers in daily live situations. I really liked that idea, so we started planning. Her mother had a good contact with a lovely hotel nearby. This hotel has a really nice library room with the atmosphere we were looking for. After consulting the hotel they we’re really hospitable to us and gave us all the freedom we needed. These are the kind of hotels that rock, yeah!!

On the day of the shoot we decided to do 2 main themes. The first one was shooting In the theatre with the focus on movement en grace. Starting with a beautiful red outfit we were able to creating some great action shots against an almost black background. After changing outfits I introduced some color with a color gel. This way we created some extra mood in the shots.

The second location was the library and a bit more challenging lighting wise. I wanted to preserve all the great lighting that was already there on the wall. But also the (bit abundant) daylight that lit the room really nice. So I started with shaping the daylight with curtains. Next finding the right exposure for all available light to nicely light the background.

After that it was up to Iris to show her magic. I decided to light her with an Elinchrom ELB 400 with a 70 cm deep octa. This way I was able to lit her correctly, but also freeze motion. I really love the ability of the ELB to freeze motion at 1/5300th of a second. With all the lighting and technicalities in order, it was just a treat photographing Iris. Moving with such elegance I shot one great shot after another.

I hope you guys and girls like the shots and the background information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via my website or Instagram!

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