Boulevard of Decadence

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Ben Ernst ( 1952) is an autodidact. He is a self taught photographer with over 40 years of experience. In the past years he has specialised in art nude photography and has worked with models with an artistic background such as dancers and actors. Together they work on a concept. The important part in the end result is the location, be it indoor or out. Through this an image evolves out of the concept, in which the relation between the model, photographer and location emerge.

‘Throughout the year we have models staying with us, for a couple of days, sometimes longer. Models fly out to shoots, but we have time to talk, eat and drink together. Talk about concepts, shoots, locations , photography we like, but also life in general This gives both sides the opportunity to know eachother better.  Most models I know for a longer period, we worked on several shoots. I think models are at ease during the shoot and this shows ( I think)’

Model: Zoi Morgan IG: @zoi_model
Photographer: Ernst Bernardus IG: @ernstbernardus
Published in several , international magazines in print and digital.

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