Colors of Fashion

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This series is called “Colors of Fashion”, something I really wanted to do for a long time. It just didn’t happen because I could not find the team to pull this off.

I like the fashion type of posing, large dynamic gestures, not the tiny beauty poses. So I asked Yannick Van Thielen to help me out on this on, as she’s an experienced model and just gorgeous looking. I also wanted the MUAH and Stylist to don’t hold back in colors and go all out.

Lets make a series with a nice wardrobe, luxury fabrics like wool and tweet I said to Fransisca who helped me out with the styling and did a fantastic job. Further more I asked Aliya to make the eyes pop out and to use lots of color. I think both did a fantastic job. The images look very contrasty and edgy. The poses look dynamic and large. With the colors they bring energy.

All shots where made using my trusty old Nikon D300s with a 50mm f1.4 and a 105mm f2.0 DC Nikkor lens. Yes no full frame it’s a sin but this camera is just amazing and the one that I happen to have. Besides you can’t have it all (at once).
We used two Falcon Eyes Satel One’s a both main and kicker light on a 2:1 ratio.
We only used the inner bevel to get that hard edgy light as Yannick was so beautiful so didn’t need a soft light source and I wanted to have structure in the fabrics.

I’m real pleased with the results. I think the series as a whole looks stunning.

Model: Yannick Van Thielen
Styling: MissNerdyFlirty
Videographer: ECreationss
Photogapher: Focus17Fotografie

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