The elegance and beauty of ballet


Gert-Jan is a fashion glamour photographer based in the Netherlands. He is photographing for 14 years and worked with models, dancer, athletes and artists. Most of the time he works with a moodboards to find a team like stylist, visagist and models. 

Together they work out the ideas of the moodboards in the studio or on location.

Inspired by the beautiful ballet photos of other photographers I wanted to work out a photoshoot with ballerinas. After making a moodboard I found two beautiful ballerinas Iris and Esmee. At first we planned to shoot with them both on one day, but we decided to shoot on two different days so we had more attention to each one of the models. I wanted to create not just pictures of dance, I wanted to show the elegance and beauty of ballet. The two of them showed also the love and passion that they have for dancing.

I’m (we are) enormous proud to show your our results.

Models: Iris @ballerina.iris and Esmee @esmee_ballet

Photographer Gert-Jan van Dijk @gjvdijk


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