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1. Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

My name is Fransisca Codfried. I live in The Hague and I’m twenty-nine years old. I’ve studied ‘Communication & Multimedia Design’ at ‘The Hague University’. Graduated in 2013 for my bachelor’s degree. I couldn’t find a suiting job and to be frankly honest I didn’t like the study. I ended up working at several places in the catering, call centers and even a bank. That’s when I decided that it was time to follow my dreams and I started a course in All-round Fashion Styling.

2. How did you start modeling /Mua/ fashion design ? And did you immediately knew this was what you wanted to do?

I signed up for a course in All-round Fashion Styling while working forty hours a week. That means I worked from Monday till Friday and went to class on Saturday. You can clearly imagine how busy I might have been. I knew I wanted to really do this, because I kept pushing myself to graduate. Even during a period where I lost my job.

3. What do you personally love most about your profession?

Everybody thinks that the job of a fashion stylist ends after a fashion shoot. Well let me break it down for you, because that’s when the hard part starts! Afterwards you have to return all the clothes and accessories back to the shops. This means keeping track of all your receipts and carrying a lot of weight with you everywhere you go.

4. What are the less beautiful sides about your job?

Of course I really love to shop, but that isn’t the best part about my job. When I go shopping I just pick clothes right of the shelves and visualize how the outfits should look like. It brings me joy to see the complete outfit on the model during a fashion shoot. That’s when I can see if everything works together as a whole and this brings everything to life.

5. Did you follow model classes? (Beauty school / Fashion design)

I followed a course in All-round Fashion Styling at ‘Another Academy’ in Amsterdam. The course takes up to six months. For me it took a bit longer, because I lost my job during the process.

6. Are you currently in an agency? Do you believe this is very necessary as a model?

I’m not at an agency.

7. What makes you unique?

My personality and my experiences make me an unique individual. I’ve did a lot of (shitty and fabulous) jobs. I even worked abroad for a few months. I traveled the world and I met a lot of people. Everything up to now made me the person I am today.

8. Tell us 3 good qualities and 3 flaws about yourself.

Three good qualities: I like to think out of the box, I have an outgoing personality and I will thrive to succeed whatever the challenge. Three flaws: I’m not the best at time-management, sometimes I’m a little impatient and I don’t like to clean the house.

9. Out of your own experience what does a model / Mua/ fashion designer need to become good at their job?

I don’t really understand the question. But to be a good fashion stylist, you have to be persistent. Besides that you also have to be creative and think out of the box to make new outfit combinations.

10. How does modeling/ mua / fashion design influence your personal life?

At the moment fashion styling is truly taking over my life. One month ago I heard that my contract as a retail assistant would come to an end. That’s when I decided to fully commit on becoming a stylist. I took on tfp jobs and started to work on my Instagram profile. Now I’m getting more and more requests to help at fashion shoots…so I guess this is the beginning of something new!

11. We know you are also a (Dancer..mother..) how do you combine that with your job?

I try to relax when I’m not busy with planning shoots and shopping. I just plan quality time with the ones I love.

12. What Do you do to relax?

I really like to watch YouTube videos. Most of the time I catch myself watching fashion and cooking vids. Besides that I also love to go to the cinema or partake in fun stuff like festivals, sample sales or going out for dinner.

13. Favourite movie?

It’s hard for me to name just one movie, because I’m kind of a movie addict. I also have a unlimited membership at the cinema :P. But I really love actionhero movies from Marvel. On top of that I also like oldskool 90s movies with e.g. Eddie Murphy.

14. Favourite book?

While I was in school I used to read a lot! I was a fan of all the books from authors Paul van Loon and Ronald Dahl. One of my favorite books is still ‘Mathilda’ (also because my middle name is Mathilde).

15. Favourite song?

My favorite song at the moment is: Want more – Rotimi ft. Kranium. I really like urban music.

16. Favourite color?

My absolute favorite color is GREEN.

17. Favourite animal?

I don’t have a favorite animal, because I’m allergic to practically all of them. I do like the small yellow chickens and small bunnies…from a distance.

18. The smell of….

The smell of freshly baked cookies?

19. Favourite quote or sentence?…

‘Anything is possible, as long as you believe in it’.

20. If you look back from where you started. Anything you would have done differently?

I wouldn’t have changed a thing. This is how it went and it made me the person I am today.

21. What would you absolutely still love to do in the future?

In the future I would like to work with some celebrities like Ronnie Flex or Drake (like if I can say whatever I want, why not dream a little :P). And I want to start my own clothing line/brand.

22. What advice would you love to give to knew models/muas/fashion designers.

My advice is: Just start and see where it gets you. You’ll never know unless you try and give it your best.

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