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Hey All,

I show you a selection of my kind of photography. This time its model Renata, I went to her home and used her home surrounding as studio For example, the photo with the blue background is a kitchendoor.

I like to interact with people, become one in a photo session for the best results! I usually shot females, but also works with guys if they fit in my concept. Mostly Fashion or Glamour and occasionally sports. My home is bases In Den Helder, the Netherlands but for really good concept I’m willing to travel.

On random base I organize portfolio days for photographers and models in Studio 34x in Almere (Netherlands) if interested, send me a message.

I hope you guys and girls like the shots. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via my website or Instagram!

Photographer: Wop van Eis 
Model: Renata

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