“Strong women don’t break, they bend”

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Model: Anna O Model
Photograpy: Dani Abril
Assist: Trini Luque
Studio: Efímero estudio
Mua/Styling: Art From The Heart by Olivia-Anna

As a model you always try to expand your portfolio
and I decided to do a high and low key photoshoot in a studio.
I have always been fascinated by the way photographers play with light and shade.

Trini and Dani invited me to their home studio and it would be the first of many shoots together.
I honestly did not know exactly what to expect but being experiences photographers I did not doubt the results would be interesting.
Appart from the high and low key pictures we also had time left for some freestyling.
And thanks to that we made this beautiful and very elegant shot.
I was in fact waiting while Dany was looking at the pictures in his camera but I never stop moving and trying out new poses.
So when Dany looked up he saw me posing and said
“hold it right there and don’t move!!
Lean a little more backwards..a little more”
Trini helped me with the ends of the dress and there! We had it!!
A very elegant and stylish picture was the result,
not a high or low key but to me the best one of the entire shoot.
And probably one of my best pictures as a model.

Greetings Olivia.

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